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My wife used just breaks in palm harbor to have all four breaks dun, she was charged for four but only two were dun. After haveing to go to a diferent company to fix the breaks and now replace the roters im still waiting on a refund now going on five months.. DONT GO THERE IF YOU VALUE YOUR SAFETY. Add comment

I went to Just Brakes in Bradenton, Florida to get my brakes fixed. They explained that the pads were fine on front and back. However he said the routers needed grinding and showed me them. He charged me 400.00 dollars for only grinding the front routers. I told him I couldnot afford front and back for now. Later when I took my car in for the rear brakes ...somewhere else. They charged me 198.00. Add comment

I went to just brakes at the Branndon, Fl location and had to worst experience ever they lied to me and try to make me pay a bill for $1500 kept my car in the shop and made me miss work and I had to contact the regional manager only to still not end up happy they did an unauthorized job and fail to keep the customer happy so instead of giving me the job at half the price or for free at that point for the lies and decrement they needed up putting the old part back on my car I will never again in my life go there again and do not recommend that... Read more

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June 15, 2015 My 2001 Subaru Forester stalled and the check engine light came on at an intersection nearby the "Just Brakes" shop at 7999 Wadsworth Blvd. in Arvada, Colorado, since I had noticed the BBB sign visibly displayed on their entry door (not observing that, in smaller print, it was stated that their BBB accreditation had expired in March, 2015). Managed to re-start the car and took it in the above-mentioned shop. Spoke to "Michael" (manager) and he told me that I should leave the car there and the mechanic who services Subarus would... Read more

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We purchased the slotted rotors, which was $100 more. Got home looked at brakes and no slotted rotors. Called said they would order them. Never came in. Just want our money back, it has been 3 months. And no money yet Add comment

I took my truck in for brake pad replacement on 3/22/16 and was told I had several repairs needed. I called my husband and he said tell them to put back together and leave. The guy tried to scare me into moving through with services stating dangers of condition. I noticed that my truck wasn't driving the same as I drove home. I parked my truck in garage and next morning came out to find all the brake fluid on floor. My husband and the mobile mechanic that came to fix stated that they must have detached brake line which wasn't required for... Read more

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Took a new car (5,500) miles in for an oil change and I was told it needed new tie rods and new belts!!!! Really? 2016 Chevy? Really? Can you say crooks and cheats? How about someone from Just Brakes explain that one to me or do they really need the money that bad? I have a feeling I won't hear anything at all as I have been there 2 times trying to get them to explain why they said that. I went to the dealer and they said they saw no problems but did mention Just Brakes has a rep for doing things like that. Read more

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on December of 2014 I had to put new shocks on my Toyota. as of March 2016 I was hearing a very rough noise in the front end. found out the shocks was never replaced cost me $1,300 for nothing and as far as I know as of today they have done nothing to help. Add comment

Don't ever go to the one in Lubbock .They will try to *** over and take your money .They lied about resurfacing my rotors, gave me bad pads twice and wanted to charge me $800 to fix my drums on my 2013 Silverado. I had 3 other inspections done and they have over 4 months of life left in them . Add comment

On 11/20/2015 I went to Just Brakes here in Carson City for a brake check. Wound up paying $658.31 for a "complete" overhaul. On 2/03/16 went to Capital Automotive for a tune up. They noted that the parking brake didn't hold, rear brakes needed adjusting. Went directly to Just Brakes, didn't complain, just wanted that corrected. That was quickly done. On 3/2/16 I went to change studded tires for summer wheels (have two sets of wheels) and couldn't get right rear off. Cross threaded. Back to Just Brakes. No apology but if I'd buy replacement... Read more

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