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Dropped my wifes vehicle off for the 99.00 brake job. I could have done it myself but for only 99.00 why do it myself.

I couldn't go wrong with a deal like that. I got a call thirty minutes later,,,,the bill went up to 650.00. They said the axle seals and hardware needed repair. Something didn't sound right so I asked for a description of what needed to be repaired.

The hardware they wanted to replace (anti rattle clip) cost 3.99 at auto zone. Their cost, 42.50 each.

As for the Seals,,,well, nothing was wrong with the seals. Shame on Just Brakes.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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My wife just got back from Just Breaks in Palm Harbor Fla. She is an educated person who knows when she is being lied too.

The service rep Kenny, told her after the inspection she basically needed everything to include rotors, drums, seals, wheel cylinders, etc. Cost: $422.98 plus tax.

Her car is a small Saturn, under warrenty from them. So much for their warrenty coverage, and the $99 special ya, BS.

You should have seen the look on his face when she told him to put it back together. He was shocked, she told him she was taking it to our Mechanic for a second opinion.

Our mechanic said she had nothing wrong and still had 10% of the pads. Replaced the pads for $35.00

If you live in the Palm Harbor Fla area, take your car to Mike's in Dunedin. He is a very trust worthy man and see this kind of stuff happen all the time.



Thanks for the heads up.....There are lots of places that just want to rip you off...!!

Do your homework when something doesn't seem right......

By making some calls or a 2nd opinion you can avode lots of rip off Company's...

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