Just Brakes, Sherman, tx location-hubs and rotors not turned, bearings not packed, as advertisement stated. vehicle now vibrating terribly--afraid to drive, considering lawsuit.

Hoping to join others in class action and shut down Just Brakes for good. This company does not need to be in business anywhere. I am going to rework the brakes myself now and redo the job Just Brakes did yesterday. I am very pissed off.

Disappointed that i did not follow my first instinct that this was a rip off and could have done the brakes my self. Beware elderly folks, hate to see you ripped off.

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I too have been hustled and abused by Just Brakes here in Phoenix. I should have walked out after the Leader AD was dismissed, however, I fell for the *** in good faith and paid 4-5 times more than the ad offered.

The problem developed and played out at the 32nd Street and Greenway location. First, I had to return 3-4 times for complaints of shoddy workmanship, loose parts, severe pulling to one side upon braking, etc. In that exchange, they also installed a faulty master cylinder that leaked on to a bladder that they refused to replace. Second, they had to turn the drums and resurface them several times.

When I went back to further complain I was having continued problems, that store was closed. I visited other stores for assistance, and upon inspection they inform me that the rear drums were "Out of Spec" and required a new job for the same price that I originally paid. They also admitted that the bladder was damaged, and a result of a faulty installation, and that if I was to "Get The Work Done, They would replace it for free. I have been chasing this down for years completely ignored in my many attempts to make this right.

I have never in my life seen an organization get away with so much. I have tried for several years to contact the main office in Texas at two numbers, and they refuse to return my call. I understand that they were bought out and changed hands, but they own this! This is consumer fraud as far as I am concerned and the next step in small claims court for 3 times the amount.

I will Contact the FTC, The District Attorney's Office.

The Attorney General, and so on.


The worse place to take your car what a rip off, they wanted to charge me $965 for my brakes when sears did an inspection for $175, just breaks what a rip off they are. They are stealing our money, wish there was a law suit pending to put my name down.

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