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We went to Just Brakes on Main Street in Mesa, AZ. Our 1994 Mazda Miata brakes were grinding and the $99 deal with lifetime warranty sounded like a good deal. ...Shoulda read these reviews first! Like others described, they took apart the wheel area and then brought us back and explained how Everything was bad and we need to replace brake pads, rotors, calipers, on all four. They couldn't Just do the pads, they Had to do it all. AND since the miata isn't a "common" car they had to get the parts "special" so it was an extra $50 per on top of the $100. They also listed a bunch of other repairs necessary, none of which I could understand (particularly with a fussing baby in my arms), the total coming to nearly $800.

My husband had work in the evening (he's a driver, needs the car) so we had to get the repairs done that day. We cut out as much as we could and got it down to $630, but had to go with that. We can't afford it, but we didn't know what the cost would be if we said no ($100 for a diagnostic is what we've always been charged at other places in the past) so we didn't want to waste that money, just to be told an equivalent repair charge someplace else. (Plus the car was in was very awkward and hurried, how can you say no and drive away when your car isn't drivable?) Now it seems everyone is getting this same "deal" - so maybe it Would have been cheaper elsewhere. I have no idea.

It wouldn't be SO bad, least we have the "lifetime warranty" on all 3 parts repaired - except that they told us the master cylinder was "partially" broken and would be another $300 to fix (200 part, 85 labor) but we Could wait just need to do it soon, plus some brake fluid might leak. Well my husband starts the car, and the brakes don't work. He goes inside and they say you have to pump it halfway down, let it back up, then push again. That....worked...though it hadn't been that way Before we brought it in, why now?

My husband had to get ready for work so we had to go home. There our neighbor said you shouldn't have to pump the brakes twice, that's dangerous, don't drive the car. He looked under the hood and found brake fluid was definitely leaking, though he checked for air in the system and found none, so a second bleed wasn't necessary. I'm still not sure what the problem is at this point, I guess the master cylinder like Just Brakes said... The neighbor claims he can get a new master cylinder for $50, but gee, if it wasn't this bad before we brought it in, what did they do that suddenly broke it?

Ideally Just Brakes would fix what I can only assume they broke, but not only do I know they wouldn't do that, I honestly never want to bring the car back there again. Let no one else go through this. Don't even go there!

Monetary Loss: $630.

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the master cylinger has a piston inside that runs in a bore, during the bleeding of the brakes the MC is pushed beyond its normal wear pattern which can destroy an old seal that has been worh in, resulting in a leaky piston to bore seal and a pedal that is mushy and will slowly bleed down.

if you indeed get 4 rotors and 4 calipers plus brakes done you paid only a little high, calipers can be around 75 bucks each and so can the rotors depending on the vehicle. if they turned the rotors and used the old calipers you got ripped.

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