What's anit happened! check it out!!!!! Stay open after hours, there opening times

start from 7:00 am closing time 6:00 pm, maybe alittle longer if needed...sometime I see them close at 2:00 am...also have women sales thereselfs.....drugs and so on.....like I said just act like you would want there bussness they do what they like if I was you are anyone else I would not do or get anything done with this company........you, just or maynot make its home...just your luck them person doing yours car just might be high.........also you dt have to pay them just for breaks price if someone doses you what you call a side job..have of wat you would pay ...cheater.....

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your spelling SUCKs!@!!!!!! I dont know if this is a compliment or a complaint????? lmao reading es fund-a-mental


What drugs are you on rattling M O R O N ? :upset :upset :upset :x :x :x :x

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