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I was a manager for Just Brakes for nine months, I was recently fired for not making enough money on each ticket that I sold. Basicaly it boils down to money. Thats what Just Brakes realy cares about. They are not interested in repairing a customers car, all they care about is how much money they can get each customer to spend. They tell you to sell hydrolic parts on every ticket even if they are not needed. They sell you parts that are the cheapest parts that they can find, and tell you that they are dealer quality. I was told by my training manager to take apart hydrolic components until you find a problem. If there is no problem sell the parts anyway. They even have competitions to see who can sell the most hydrolic repairs. I got into trouble for telling customers that they did not need any repairs made to their vehicles.

I have been a technician for 15 years, and have never heard of some of the things they tried to tell me to sell to customers. Binding calipers no such thing, its the hardware that causes uneaven wear of the pads. They threaten to fire you if you don't sell more than 99.88 on every car that comes in the shop.

They are the biggest rip off artists that I have ever seen. The managers are told to look for things like car seats, or family pictures so that they can scare you into buying services. They mention your kids and spouse riding in the car with unsafe brakes just to scare you into paying for things that you don't realy need. They even have what they call the phone track, which everyone must memorize before the can even be considered for a management position. Everyone who answers the phone must know it, because you are not allowed to say anything over the phone that is not on the phone track. They even call from corporate office posing as customers to make sure you are going by the phone track. They take people off the streets who know nothing about working on cars to be the managers. They do this so that they can tell these people that they are realy selling customers things they need. However they are just lying to boost sales.

So take it from me, a former store manager who was fired for not being a good enough sales man, don't go to just brakes because they will rip you off. They even pay the service managers to sit inside the office and talk to the customers just to try and make friends with them, because this gains the customers trust and makes them more willing to spend money. All of the training that I recieved from Just Brakes involved selling eveything that you can to every customer that comes into the store even if they don't need any repairs at all. They also instruct managers to sell the repairs on a customers vehicle and then pull that car out and pull the next one in so that it can be sold before any work is started on any vehicles. "At Just Brakes We Realy Do Care!" but only about making money, as for the customer Just Brakes couldn't care less!

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Just Curious if anyone else is having issues with their pay at Just brakes. Every single paycheck my husband has to fight with the ignorant payroll lady because she shorts him on average $500 a paycheck!

This is ridiculous! I want to know if other employees are having the same issues.


Me and my husband are putting together a class action lawsuit with other workers from just brakes for the way their treated if you would like to have your name added or know anyone who does please email me!!! Mindypris2000@gmail.com

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1061630

Please contact me at 407-741-3526. I am a store manager, working almost 70 hours per week, just one day off, and being bullying constantly; by emails and phone calls.


Lake Mary, Florida, United States #896887

I am a former manager. I have a beef with the hours and the sacrifice you make, getting none in return.

However, what this person just said, coupled with his 15 years experience and still can not spell the task he was charged with says disgruntled employee.

As mad as I am, I will not make up stuff like this ***. You work too many hours for too little pay and zero appreciation but you are never asked to cheat or lie to customers


I use to work for Midas which is a pretty *** good place to get your car checked, suggesting parts that need replacing is always gonna happen but I can tell you this much Midas is way more honest then Just Brakes! Just brakes wants every employee to follow their set of rules to the T, it's all about what they want and if you don't listen or even try to argue just a bit they threaten you and say if you don't like it you can get the *** out.

That's coming from some head honcho guy named Chris somewhere from new Mexico who can only talk like that when he's on the phone. No one is ASE certified but yet they say their tech's are all certified. Y'all want your employees to follow all your rules but when it comes down to taking care of your own employees y'all don't give a ***, cutting down all our hours and demanding that we take a lunch plus that no employee is getting any type of overtime. That's cause every employee gets paid eight bucks an hour.

We get plenty of business so the company is making plenty of money they just want it all for themselves while we struggle. I've seen first hand how managers try to say to customers that they need this and that which they really don't. One manager said "watch this I'm gonna say he needs all this stuff and he's gonna buy it". It's all about the money for just brakes, why else would you have all these complaints.

And for anyone writing good about just brakes you must be going down on someone so you can get paid cause you know it's true.

We get treated like were in the slave days, it's kinda like that now, difference is we just get paid for it but very little. So whomever you are Chris from New Mexico *** YOU I'll be seeing you soon face to face when you come down here...


You got fired because your worthless. New car safety is just brakes motto.

Brakes are safety. If you don't disclose all options to a customer and let them cut corners without educating them then you are endangering the roads. The better quality the brake job...the better you stop. In some cases when finances are an issue you do what you can and make sure the car leaves in better shape than it entered.

As far as pushing for money.

That just isn't true. safety is first and always will be.


We took our perfectly good 1999 Honda to Just Brakes for just an oil change. We told them don't do anything else, don't check the brakes, don't rotate the tires, don't do anything else.

We get it back and they managed to stretch out the struts and now it drives like a tank. I think they KNOW this happens and then play out a litany of fixed assuming the average driver doesn't have a clue. What a cynical bunch of creeps.

This is our only car so this is a huge problem Do not use them for ANYTHING. :(


I noticed the upscale techniques on many customers and an oriental lady which came in for the hundred dollar deal was quoted over eight hundred dollars in repairs. Seeing this when the manager left I told her what she really needed.

The gold brakes they use are squeaky and a nasty product. The managers were not checking the techs work resulting in a suburban loosing it's front wheel while in operation. My job was to mount tires yet I performed brake repairs drums and rotors as they noticed my abilities. I was never promoted to tech after the manager was fired for the suburban ordeal.

Honesty is the issue here the same as honest work. I cannot tell you how many times I stayed after closing hours to help the boss and develop a working mans respect. I never received anything for the extra hours and upon asking about a promotion I was shunned off. With no advancement opportunities in site I began looking for another job.

I instructed management of my position and job opportunity and instructed them that if there were no changes in my work status I would place my two weeks notice.

They fired me! Don't give a two weeks notice, have multiple shops quote your repair roster cause they didn't give a *** about my work ethic or their ethics regarding the sales of services rendered upon your vehicle.


It is hard to take the word of someone who claims to have been a tech for 15 yrs who can not spell hydraulic properly. And yes, calipers DO bind. Why do you think they are the number 3 thing to be replaced after pads and rotors.

to The fixer #578948

LOL. My thoughts exactly. Maybe that's why he was fired.

to The fixer Dallas, Texas, United States #729431

They are the #3 thing replaced unnecessarily! I am a Ford Dealership technician for over 18 years and can count on both hands the number of " Stuck " calipers I've replaced. Caliper upsells are the # 1 rip off tecnique of service centers.

to Anonymous #729442

Amen. I am an auto technician and the only time I have ever seen a caliper stick is when the fluid was contaminated.

The caliper slides sometimes stick but that does not necessitate caliper replacement. I used to work at a Ford dealer and there was a Just Brakes around the corner. Almost once a week we would have a customer come from there because Just Brakes told them everything in the brake system needed to be replaced. The jackasses did not have enough sense to know that the vehicles were still under the factory warranty.

Of course there was never anything wrong with the brake system other than worn linings.

This happened so often that we started calling "Just Everything". The $99 brake special is actually $999.


well for the tech that has 20 yrs exp. first the only way to get a new caliper is if you buy it at the dealer.

second, all calipers at oreilly's are rebuilt and or remanufactured however you like to say it. third, if you choose to buy a rebuilt caliper you still have to pay the labor to put it on combine that with the cost and a customer saves no money and it will cost more. and if calipers don't go bad why do dealerships sell them? And the ase test is a joke!!!!

50 basic questions anyone can pass that test try taking the JUST BRAKES cert. test 100 dollars to any non employee that can pass it!!!


made an appointment for 99.88 add told manager not to pad bill sending my girl in store they conned her into fluid flush ; If they did the job like they should have they would of topped off w/ new fluid any wayin the end they quoted her $744.00 ontop of 59.88 for fluid flush ; said they couldn't turn rotors because of the rust! car is a daily driver and should be no rust !

I left my job being an extra exspense ; spoke w/ manager & told him I would contact district rep & he yelled "I don't give a ***' in the presence of my girlfriend ! I said watch your language in front of my girl; mean while I've gone on line and found a full set front & rear drilled rotors w/ ceramic pads w/ all hardware 1 year warranty for $167.00 free shipping so tell me why they want make a profit from one customer?

because they have none !! bbb is my next stop and I will do the brakes myself


I needed front pads. Just brakes quoted me at 1300.00!!!

I told them I would not pay that. They negotiated with me until they got the price down to 400.00!!! I laughed in their face and told them to put my truck back together. I took it to a mechanic referred by a co-worker.

He fixed my brakes for 130.00!!! I will tell everyone I know in every form of communication I can what a true scam this 'company' is.


HI, I am in a precarious situation. I dropped off my car recently at Just Brakes and am now concerned about going through with the service.

They machined the rotors and I am thinking about going through with the pads ONLY--do you think pads are ok?

Will they damage my car? Should, or could, I just pay for the cost of machined rotors and go somewhere else with my old pads?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #174400

I would love to shake your hand , as a former employee I could not have said it any better. don`t forget, 'may I ask whos calling please" lol what a joke.


I too use to work for Just Brakes, I am a former employee, One thing that I can tell you is they ( like any company ) want to make money. They know how to fix cars. Yes do they make suggestions on how to fix the car absolutly. but the decision is ultimatly the customers.

O and to the duche bag from ASE. You can rebuild a caliper and save the customer money, you dont have to just replace it. In my opion just brakes does quality repair at an affordable price. just brakes can do all four wheels, rebuild all four calipers, replace hardware, and bleed the system for less then some places will replace pads for.

Look you cant please every one but in my time there I made a lot of lifetime customers. I feel sorry for any one who has a bad tast in there mouth.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #129160

I agree with article written. I was employeed with Just Brakes, and they are the most unethical company I have ever been associated with.

They also have a double set of standards.

I witnessed a customer being quoted over $600.00 for repairs, and the customer declined and wanted the $99.88, they told the customer to take his car and leave. I could not treat customers the way that they wanted you to.


Thanks for the heads up. I'll just take my car back to the dealer.

I know I'll pay more but the parts will be OEM quality. Don't skim on tires and brakes.

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