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In 2009 I took my Dodge Durango into the Just Brakes location on Wadsworth in Arvada CO because I had recently purchased the vehicle and noticed that the brakes were squeaking. $782.24 later I was the proud owner of a completely new brake system because my old one was "bad". I was told the only thing I would ever need to buy again was brake pads as they were needed. That was a complete lie... The "services" that were done were covered for 90 days.

Fine... I am over that part. My bad for not reading the warrantee page and trusting what I was told.

Yesterday I took my vehicle in because I was two years over due for a brake check and the brakes were squeaking a little. I figured new brake pads again, because it was about that time. I was taken out to the workshop where the tech showed me my very low brake pads on the front brakes. Okay fine, I knew that. What he said next made my heart sink. My lack of bringing my vehicle into them to be inspected caused my entire front brake system to need replaced again. The big cause was my front shocks, apparently they were "making the brakes work harder and causing odd wearing in the tread of my tires". My new shocks and brakes were now going to cost me $1,000.

I was told that my brake fluid was "sludge" and that's because I didn't bring it in when I should have, and between that and my bad shocks I had affectively ruined the rotors, calipers, and pads on the front of my AWD system.

I called a well known 5 star dealership that deals specifically with my Durango and asked them for a second opinion since I was due for my 60,000 mile maintenance anyways. I explained the brake fiasco to them and here is what they came back with after looking my car over and doing a full vehicle check up:

-Rotors need rotated, the front brakes need new pads, and my back-up light was out on the drivers side.

My brake fluid was NOT "sludge" it was golden yellow. Those "weird" tread markings on my tires? They are brand specific tread for better traction. My suspension, shocks, tires and all fluids in the vehicle got an A rating by the master mechanic who deals strictly with my brand of vehicle.

My rotors had "very minimal" wear because I needed new pads, the calipers were just fine and the shocks (which supposedly caused most of this mess) were in great shape.

Now that I thoroughly feel disgusted and taken advantage of I will be requesting the money back that I spend on the original brake job. I know I won't get it, but I will stomp my feet about it because I may have already been ripped off by them the first time around when I was too trusting and didn't get a second opinion.

Monetary Loss: $782.

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Wow, sounds like someone was really trying to take advantage of you.If you go two years witout brake work, you would for sure need some new pads.

As for the rotors, it depends on how much you drive if they would be good or need replaced.

Calipers dont need replaced very often at all, and the fluid thing really gives it away.Sounds like a scam artist.

Arvada, Colorado, United States #764686

Pardon the typos, I was pissed when I wrote this. :(

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