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I went in yesterday to Just Brakes thinking that this $99.88 deal was great, boy was i wrong!

I left my 2005 Chevy with them for a noise that my brakes were making everytime I came to a stop. I have had my brakes done in the past so i figured all they needed to do was replace my pads, cut my rotors, the whole 'simple' nine yards. But NNNOOOOO, they said that this was wrong and that was wrong with my braking system and insisted it be replaced. The sucker that I am agreed (because I am not a brake specialist) and had them do the work for a whopping $600.00 bucks!

Yeah, they were nice and courteous and what not, but the truth of the matter is...will we ever find a TRUE, HONEST mom and pop place to have our needs met without people like this that try and sugar coat things and then take you for all your hard-earned money...I THINK NOT!

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #963517

I would love to know what all the people do for a job that think a shop should put brakes on their car for $99.88.Does anybody on here work for free?

I would love to see some of you work for free. Your honest mom and pop shop that would do this for you probably can't afford to pay their rent half the time. Just like any business they need to pay their workers and overhead.

It's called labor when you charge for a workers time.It's called markup when a shop charge $125 for a $25 part and it is to insure the shop makes a profit.

to Brake Master #1021611

I am in business where I sell a product and "mark up".average 20 to 25%.

$ 125 for a $25 part is 80% mark up.How do I get into this business?

to Brake Master #1048627

Well both times they hit me up for over $500.They didn't even wanna discuss the advertised price.

Bait and switch.

Making a living I get but not price gouging.Don't advertise a special then say well they not good breaks.

to Brake Master #1060120

Well a 4 set of brake pads for my truck cost $35 at the auto store and should take 30 mins for a trained mechanic to install them. The mechanics don't get paid much there so they still make profit from the offer. The up charging for other parts and labor is just to rip people off.

Jacksonville, Florida, United States #754372

I agree. Brakes for less wanted to charge me $495.00 for a master cylinder that only cost $885.00 @ Auto Zone.....Wow!

to Anonymous Jacksonville, Florida, United States #754374

Oops $85.00 for that master cylinder from AutoZone.

Lakeland, Florida, United States #753055

I recently moved here to Florida seeking a better life for myself and my Fiancie who has severe medical issues.After we go here, our car caught fire.

Total loss. we had to buy a cheap car for cash so we could get to her many dr. and hospital trips. Well, after 2 weeks the new used cars brakes went out.

I call Just brakes. I went into the shop an hour later. The manager James was very helpful and knowledgabe, as was Any. They got on the job right away.

The showed me what was wrong and what it will cost to fix my cars issues. Total was. 99.95 plus tax.

I feel they did right by me and did an excellant job.I would go back again and will tellmy friends ab :) out the great service.


Pasadena, Texas, United States #711265

I went in to Pasadena tx for a squeal noise when I brake.My Toyota Camry 2010 year has 34,859 miles on it.

The brakes were fine. They said the squeal was from armor all getting on the rotors. I had them turn the front rotors though cause it shakes when I brake at highway speeds. They turned the rotors (front rotors only) to the tune of $75.

Yeah sure I could've gotten me turned for a lot less than that taking them off myself and taking them to oreillys, but I was already there and it saved me a lot of time and hassle. Overall I have to say I am satisfied. It stops smooth as can be now. The squeal I only really hear now and then.

I was happy with what they told me.Makes sense.


I wish I had done my research...went in for brake pads today and came out $700 later!It seems as though $700 is the scripted amount they give people.

My brakes didn't feel better after...I asked them to test drive it and they said it would get better.

They also lost one of my hub caps!I feel raped.


yeah, they got me too, went in for 100 dollar job,after almost 700 dollars, news pads, master cylinder, things turned. i won't be back

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