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I went in yesterday to Just Brakes thinking that this $99.88 deal was great, boy was i wrong!

I left my 2005 Chevy with them for a noise that my brakes were making everytime I came to a stop. I have had my brakes done in the past so i figured all they needed to do was replace my pads, cut my rotors, the whole 'simple' nine yards. But NNNOOOOO, they said that this was wrong and that was wrong with my braking system and insisted it be replaced. The sucker that I am agreed (because I am not a brake specialist) and had them do the work for a whopping $600.00 bucks!

Yeah, they were nice and courteous and what not, but the truth of the matter is...will we ever find a TRUE, HONEST mom and pop place to have our needs met without people like this that try and sugar coat things and then take you for all your hard-earned money...I THINK NOT!

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How reasonable is it to expect to get your brakes fixed for 99.88 ?They tell you that's for pads and shoes only and additional work will be extra if needed !

My air conditioner is broken on my house right now.When he can't fix it for 20 bucks I think I'll call the Better business bureau and rag him on-line too.


They lied and said the whole system needed replacing which was a total lie.I usually do my own brakes but took it to Just Brakes because I needed the rotors and drums turned.

They called and said it would be $780 for my truck with less than 35000 miles on it.

The brake pads they put on wore out in 3 months!!!!!!!What a shame


never had a car break issue yet but ppl sure do try to scam me, luckily I have machanics in my family and after I'm done talking to the *** who try to scam me.I call my unc and ask does this makes since and does the price match I get alot of "no," and that is not really necessary and there trying to get you to pay 2x as much for this part and charging you twice for labor and they trying to hold your car longer for more money and there trying to charge you seperate for work that goes along with the process of what you ask for to get done.

I call the machinic and requestion as a different person but still as "a dumb female" I get the same bull---t, but when I throw back the information they try to backtrack.

By than I already decided I will never use this person and I will tell everyone I know about them.S.C you know your infamous for doing this!!!


Poster number nine must work for Just Brakes


we are not in S.C. DUM BUTT


This company is nothing but bad, thier names are Value Brakes, Just Brakes or Brakes for Less.Thye screwed up my brakes on my truck, broke a rotor and did not bleed the brakes right, told me they would get better, turns out they broke the bleeder valve, they had to replace the the rotors, also my hub etc.

Well that brake job only lasted 7 months, needed to spend 1200 bucks to fix, almost had to sue them to get them to pay, but they did. Do not use them, they are awful.

They do not care about the consumer and safety.This was in Columbia SC


Just brakes advertises those prices to get you in .Once you are there they try to sell you everything no matter how old your car is or what shape it is in even if you have 30,000 miles on it and the only thing it needs is just pads and turn rotors.I will never go to them again.It is just a scam.


Wish i would have read this before we went in for their $99 special came out $450 later


I have found the mom and pop, good ole fashioned, honest machanic.His name is Jay and he works as the owner/ mngr of Pan Am automotive.

His number is 210-650-5555. He is an honest man and will give you an honest estimate and eval. on any problems.

He is gonna do my brakes for 130.00 for the back 2.But he does it right and fast.


Went this Saturday,no not my first brake job but I went there 7 months ago for a noise they said my brakes were perfect no work needed...now my brakes are grinding when I come to a stop,go in of course I come out paying $510.00 for the same job I've had done before for less than $250.00, but this time I leave with an awful noise coming from back passenger side.I go back the guy who worked on my car said it was my bearing...I'm scared now because I pick up the grandkids 4 days a week and I dont want to risk losing a tire with them in my car..but because of the expense I just paid 40 minutes ago I did'nt want him to touch the car again, I went to Midas where I get my oil changes and I asked Terry to get the bearing fixed, he puts my car in the air and finds the brake guy put in the spring wrong and no bearing were ever needed...what a scam.

I'm sure he thought I would get them to repair it since I was already there.........WARNING NEVER GO THERE AND EXPECT A $99.00 brake job...oh I would like to add,my sister took her 10 month old car there to check on a noise and they spent 25 minutes trying to convince her even new cars with low milage need new brakes..luckly she went back to dealer and found a screw was missing and that is what was causing noise...AGAIN STAY FAR FAR AWAY locted in san antonio texas...oh and did you know you will not find a "Just Brakes" in Florida?go figure I wish Texas would follow suit

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