I went in yesterday to Just Brakes thinking that this $99.88 deal was great, boy was i wrong!

I left my 2005 Chevy with them for a noise that my brakes were making everytime I came to a stop. I have had my brakes done in the past so i figured all they needed to do was replace my pads, cut my rotors, the whole 'simple' nine yards. But NNNOOOOO, they said that this was wrong and that was wrong with my braking system and insisted it be replaced. The sucker that I am agreed (because I am not a brake specialist) and had them do the work for a whopping $600.00 bucks!

Yeah, they were nice and courteous and what not, but the truth of the matter is...will we ever find a TRUE, HONEST mom and pop place to have our needs met without people like this that try and sugar coat things and then take you for all your hard-earned money...I THINK NOT!

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After working in the automotive arena for over 20 years, I can tell you most customers do not bring there vehicles in until there are completely broken, and expect minimal (maintaince) repairs to fix there car 100%. They are less than truthfull about how long they have been driving the car knowing there was a problem and how long they have been ignoring the maintaince.

Most people only bring the car in after is has become a real safety problem, Its funny that most all the people on here dont list what there problem was or how many miles they have on there car, That has a lot to do with what a car may need. There is a big difference in what it takes to patch a car(fix just whats broken now) and repair a car(fix what broken and what caused it to break so it stays fixed) Want to avoid costly repairs, maintain and inspect your vehicle on a regular basis.

dont keep drive them until they break like 99.88% of the people out there. That is what all repair facilities count on, including Just brakes.


Has anyone ever really left Just Brakes and paid only $100? If you need brakes, you are better off at the dearership.

Go to just brakes and they will tell you need caliper rebuilds, rotors, master cylinders, etc. And "lolatyou", who has ever met someone named 'Bubba', mechanic or otherwise?


Great examples guys, im in retail now, but i used to work for a repair facility and first guy sounds like buyers remorse, NOONE wants to spend that kind of money on a repair, but sometimes its necessary, the second guy you dont make sense.... "This lady towed her car to another garage because she expected to pay $99.88 for her old car's repair.".....noticed towed and old car, obviously she felt it was that bad too, and what do you expect for an old car?

and a mercedes, well what do you think the dealer charges for brakes, depends on mercedes model etc im sure, and i bet its hella expensive, i had a BMW and they dealer wanted 1600 for pads and rotors alone one time. As for mom and pop shops..do i really want someone named "bubba" doing the work on my car, and i know it couldnt be less because its like best buy vs joes electronics they have substantial buying power so they are cheaper.

but what you are saying is "i want pads only, and i dont want to know what it takes to fix my car!" afraid you might have to spend more money than anticipated. 99.88 sounds good but i would not expect that and nothing else since every other major repair shop, firestone, midas, sears, the dealer, brings out a laundry list of stuff when you take their car in, and i wouldnt hold it against the company because they are trying to make money, next time say "no" not like you were held at gun point im sure, then go to Firestone or AAMCO and pay them so you can come on here and badmouth and trash them also because it actually cost money to fix your car, something designed to wear out and need repair.

Renqiu, Hebei, China #15556

This is completely true! In the same moment i went there.

2 more people complained about the same surprise. $99.88 is a bad joke. This lady towed her car to another garage because she expected to pay $99.88 for her old car's repair. They scared her telling her that her car were going to be repaired by more than $700 (Half of the value of her car).

Another guy had a Mercedes and you all can imagine how much they took out of his pocket. More than $1,200. They are so abusive with the labor rates. I got the minimum repairs for $337.00 (which is still so expensive) because at the moment I had no choice, $190 of them was labor.

But I am going to recommend to everybody not to go there because they don't say the truth since the very beginning. I won't go there anymore, never in my life.

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