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"At just brakes we really do Care"! My ***

Tampa FL.- Just Brakes on N. Dale Mabry Hwy.

So i took my 4 yr old Jeep Wrangler into Just Brakes at 7am on Friday, February 22nd 2008.

Told them my woes about my brakes and how i would like to get the $99 Special for all four of my brakes. I signed the paper stating to call if it goes over the $99 price for my brakes. At 9am i get a call from the Inbred hillbilly Kenneth from TN (in his own words btw-well minus the inbred part lol)

Telling me how bad my brakes are going on and on sounding like he is reading from a book, Saying listen your back brakes are "Frozen" which is causing your front brakes to work harder and over heat! It has ruined your Calipers and Pistons and it all needs to be replaced on top of needing new brakes. And here is the kicker tells me that will be $600 dollars! I said i will have to call you back? HE said sure no problem. I sat there thinking ok first off i know nothing of brakes but i know that my car is only 4 yrs old with 35k miles and not 4 mths prior i was told by my oil change guy i needed new brakes and he never mentioned all that stuff. And riddle me this? If my brakes were so bad how come i drive my car around town every day with now problems other than a little squeaking now and then with some extra pushing of my brake at high speeds. I called Tires Plus the ones who told me i needed new brakes not 4mths sooner. Charlie (my hero) told me ok first off for brakes to freeze that is very rare not to mention my car is too young for that, he said you need to get your car back and come over and let me look at it. So i called Kenneth back at Just Brakes and told him im sorry i cant afford it and ill have to come back in a week or so (i said anything to get my car back) Well that is when he told me he couldnt give me my car back, i said excuse me? He said well we already took off your old parts and are half way done with doing the 99 dollar special? I said just put my tires back on i want my car i cant afford 600 right now. He said i dont think you understand we already took off the old parts, then he drops the bomb which caught him in the lie....How much can you afford right now? I said my plan was the $99 special for all four brakes. He said ok we can do the work in sections for you, he said we will go ahead and do the $99 special as planned then, I said wait wont putting on the new parts be a waste since my car is so bad off driving with new parts like that will just ruin them wont they? He said oh its ok when you bring it back for the other work we will just replace them no charge at that time. So i said ok go ahead and just do the $99 special and put on new brakes on all four wheels, he said sure we will call when its done. I called Charlie back at Tires Plus and told him that Just brakes wouldnt give my car back without doing the brakes because they had the old parts off and were ready to do the brakes. Charlie said right there catches them in a lie, he said if your brakes were frozen they wouldnt be able to put new brakes on your vehicle they couldnt do anything with it. I was so Pissed i couldnt see straight. I had the money to fix it for that price but i wasnt going to without a second opinion for that much money and man im glad i did!! I took my car immediately to Tires Plus after just brakes and paid $20 to have them inspect the work of Just Brakes to make sure they did what they said and also to see if i really needed what all they wrote on the paper work (which i gave to Tires Plus to see).

Saturday morning i get a call from Charlie saying your brakes are fine there is nothing wrong with them!! I went and got my car and thanked them so much for being honest with me! Please stay away from Just Brakes they may be the cheapest but they sure as *** arent honest and are running a scam!!!

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You are a *** for riding around in a car that needed brake work for 4 months. You are lucky your tire didn't fall off because you obviously ruined the rotors and calipers.


Not only "Just Brakes" . I have not seen any shop just replace pads.

Even when they have a special there is always that call or someone from the shop tells you that you need new rotors, calipers, the whole set up.


I also went into Just Brakes on 4381 w. bell rd

Dropped it off..

they called with a list of over 700.oo dollars in NEEDED repairs.. or I would not be safe... I said no.. the continued to offer predated checks, credit cards Isaid no...

they pushed... I eventually had to raise my voice at them and say JUST THE 99 dollar brakes! I picked up my truck... the next day...

@ work my buddy asked what the *** is that Geoff, I looked..

the jerks scrapped a SWASTIKA into my car inder the driver side door.. fantastic !!


what a ripoff place


When shopping for a used, I wear a mechanics service shirt, to make it look as though I know some things. When having repairs done, I first apply for credit, and say that I work in the State Attorney General's office.

Then I change my mind about credit, and offer to pay cash. Once alerted to the words Attorney General, they come clean, and do the job as advertised. I then pay what seems to be a reasonable and price, and smile at them while leaving. I was told a year ago by Midas that my AC compressor was bad, and for $300+ dollars it could be fixed.

Like I said, that was a year ago in 100 degree temperatures in Arizona. There was nothing wrong, but the must make a quota in a day.

Well that does not happen to me, who really does not work in the Attorney General's office... They all straighten up and fly right.


Took my car in to just brakes for an estimate. I was quoted $99 to a $1000 .

Told It would depend on what they found once they started working on them. I opted not to have my car serviced there and got two other quotes for $250. No hate or disrespect in my comment. Just another customer who wants to a oid being ripped off.

And on another note.

I took my car to just brakes several years ago and a $99 quote turned into $600 after the work had been started. So I agree with the others who say buyer beware.


I also visited Just Brakes after seeing their advertisement with lifetime brake warranty. I was also told that calipers are bad and was quoted a bill for more than $300.

They resisted giving my car back to me saying that they can't legally allow me to leave their shop in a "risky" car. I drove it straight to Pepboys.

Pepboys didn't find anything wrong with calipers and replaced rear brake pads that were squeaking. :( :(


I think that if people had a better understanding of the difference between a service a repair. Also keep inmind most people try not to spend any money on there vehicles unless they have to.

That goes for me to. The brake service was a good price and because I had drove ky truck a long time before I went in to get the Service counted on a chance I would need a possible repair. The price was good. I called around and found Just brakes had the best price.

So I went in got the work done. The customer service was very good, they did great work.

I think calling people try names and trying to hurt there reputations, because I had driven my truck hard and don't want to pay to pay to take care of it.

May God bless you all and forgive you.


Sorry, but I have worked for both a new car dealer as a service advisor and an outside shop as well and the dealer will ALWAYS be more expensive for the same repair. Nothing wrong with that as everyone has a choice as to where to go for auto repair. It's the dishonest dealers and shops that give us all a bad name.


:( I went to just brakes and they charged me $265 for resurface and 4 pads replacement. They said the Fxxx pads have lifetime Fxxx warranty and please Just brakes!

Don't rip off people! The pads I installed had squealing sound right after one month and the technician refused to replace it cuz the pads still have plenty of time to go. I asked in what condition that I can changed the pads, the fXxx dirty said less than 20%! Of course, guys you should know the tricky now!

They use hardest pads and of course life time warranty! They never wear off!!!!

Stay away from them! Please don't be fooled!


in reply to #9. this guy must be a service manager for just brakes. a rip off


I had a similiar experience as above. They almost took me for $540 and did take me for $150, plus $99.

They will attempt to do this to everyone but you have to stick with the $99.

special, do not beleive anything they say you need they are just trying to rip you off! Four months later I took my truck in this time I took it to a different just brakes location and they tried to rip me off too.


Thanks you all. You confirmed my suspicions.

I've been to places like this. I think I'll pay a little more and get quality, honest work.


WOW.... You have the nerve to post negitive comments about your experience and degrade the man you are referring to by calling him an inbread hillbilly. WOW...


Just Brakes are like any of you guys, out there trying to make a buck.They are doin the same thing you guys do at your jobs , telling your customer that your product or services are better than the other guys in which its prob. not even close.

DONT hate the game ,just learn how to play it .... :grin :grin :grin


just brakes big joke


I'm the assistant service manager at Autoway Nissan in Brandon, FL. And it makes me laugh when customers tell me "oohh, $199.95 for front brake job is too much!

I'll go to Just Brakes!" So I tell them, ok, GO TO JUST BRAKES! That place is a friggin scam! I get customers ALL THE TIME comming in, telling me how Just Brakes told them they need calipers, rotors, etc...What a bunch of ***! People have the misconception that dealers charge more, and scam people, well guess what people??

ITS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE! Outside shops ALWAYS screw people over SOO bad!

Sure, dealers MIGHT be just a bit more expensive on SOME things, but guess what, its HONEST and QUALITY work, and we dont hit customers with hidden $500 fees! SNAP OUT OF IT PEOPLE!!!


Just Breaks sucks BIG ***, by *** over people you guys will soon find your shops out of business. And all you ***, who say, the opposite.

EAT A *** TOO, ***. :(


I went to Just Brakes today in Arlington, Texas. My brakes were squeaking so I decided to take it in.

They took of the wheels and showed me what the problems were. At first they wanted 546 dollars to fix everything. I know there was nothing too terribly wrong with my brake system, just that the pads and shoes needed to be changed. I politely declined the offer and asked if they could just do the pads and shoes for $99 as I am a broke college student.

The guy replied "yes, darlin' that wont be a problem" They key to getting the $99 job is to NOT LET THEM *** over. Tell them you ONLY want the pads and shoes replaced, and they will do just that!


Mostly people only come on here to post negative comments anyways, so I thought I would put my two cents in to you freaks who want EVERYTHING cheap. I had my brakes done on my Trailblazer at Just Brakes, and received their 99 dollar brake job!!

Now I may be wrong but isn't it possible you people are just TOTALLY ignorant when it comes to repairing cars, or I would assume most of you would do it YOURSELF!! So what could you possibly know about repairing brakes??? NADA!!

Which is why most of you come on to blogspots and type away your frustrations!! Ignorance is NOT A REASON TO ATTACK!!