My parents purchased a recent Groupon of 3 oil changes at Just Brakes for $30, so I went to cash in. I called at 12:30pm and was told to come in at 2pm.

When I pulled in, I talked to the manager and he told me not only did they not take appointments because so many people would come and go, but also that it'd be a two hour wait. I told him I was on the phone with them an hour and a half earlier and was told my scheduled appointment would be at 2pm. He just replied with "oh, sorry" and kept saying how it's at least a 2 hour wait from that point. His advice was for me to wait the 2 hours unless I wanted to take my chances by leaving and coming back - saying they could be free or they could be at another two hour wait.

Apparently the website saying "make an appointment" and even an employee of this same location stating I had a scheduled appointment are not enough for them to honor said appointment.

Needless to say, I will NOT be going back to that JB and I've already told my family to avoid them at all costs as well. A little bad customer service goes a long way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Just Brakes Manager.

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I know for a fact and from experience that every single comment that has been made is absolutely true.

BUYER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been ripped off twice at the Just Brakes on Palmer Park in Colorado Springs. About a year ago, I took my car in for an oil change & ended up getting charged $1500 for all new brakes.

I later discovered that they put the cheapest brakes you can buy on it but charged me twice as much for them. I didn't learn my lesson and took my new car in for the $19.99 oil change coupon & without my authorizarion they tried to charge me $42 because they had to put an extra quart of oil in. Also, surprise surprise this new car apparently needs a $1500 brake repair as well. I refused to pay more than the $19.99 & took my car to another mechanic who said that all I needed was new pads.&.resurfacing on the front.

A $80 job. I should have learned my lesson the first time!

NEVER TAKE YOUR CAR TO THIS PLACE! Most crooked place I have ever done business with.

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