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$99 Brake Job??Forget about it !!

Classic auto repair scam artists, bait & switch...they tear down your wheels/brakes, THEN start claiming all these things that are wrong....hey, my car was only 2 years old with less than 20K miles on it & they want to replace ALL THE ROTORS!!!!

$99 Brake Job turns into an $800 repair....Avoid Like the're better of going to the Dealership.At least there you can complain to the manufacturer...forget those clowns at the Home Office in Texas...just as answer whatsoever to any of my several complaints.

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UpDate on Lithia Springs, GA Just Brakes (#326): When I had my brakes put on by JB, I paid an additional $90 for Ceramic Dustless Brake Pads....well, dustless they weren't.Some of the dirtiest, nastiest brake dust I've ever had on my wheels...had to clean them almost weekly.

So I suspected that Just Brakes had probably ripped me off there also...and I was right...after I got my pads replaced after about only 30K miles, I was told and shown by the Dealership where I had the work done, that these were some of the cheapest pads you can put on a car...and, guess what...there weren't Ceramic Pads.No surprise there, huh?


I am at Just Brakes now.I sat down to read reviews after I got here.

They walked me around the car and told me all hardware needed to be replaced. The line had to be drained and refilled and the master cyllinder was bad. I laughed. I said hold up.

I just bled the last week and the fluid is bad...???? No way! He said that it was dark on the bottom side. But the top was OK.??

He wanted to charge $400 for a job a Guy at my work said he would do for 50 plus parts.:x

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