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Took car to get oil change which I do every 3 months never had a problem with my car accept that my power steering was leaking... Other than that never over heated and was running fine...Well my 3 months were up so took back to just brakes for oil change a week later car overheating I call just brakes they said I had to get it towed at my own cost for them to look at...

Well I got my car down there for them to deny it had anything to do with them saying it was my radiator..

Got a new radiator and water pump plus a thermostat had a friend install them cause sure wasn't going to trust just brakes and my car is still overheating now cause supposedly I have a oil leak which let me remind you was never there before.... If was I would know cause would of had to keep getting oil change or adding oil and I never had that issue..So I am still car less....Just brakes hasn't been any help and I am pretty sure the problem with my car is related to them....And before you leave if you want your car inspected like they are supposed to do....Please make sure you watch them cause they will lie to your face and say you signed a paper stating that you didn't want them to inspect your car when of course I did

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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They worked on my car, the end result was taking them to court and just brakes having to replace my engine and a small monitory settlement. Neve go back there again!