I went to Just Brakes on E Colonial Dr in Orlando, FL for the 99.98 pads for my 2000 Honda Accord. I knew ahead of time they would try to up-sell me, but I wasn't going to buy anything else. So my appt is for 11am. They put my car right up on their jack stands, but a mechanic doesn't even come to get me for the big up-sell until 12:45pm.

Had a I known ahead of time it would take all day for brake pads I would have left it. After lots of hagling I tell the idiots I just want the pads replaced and rotors machined. At 2:15pm I am shocked it's not done yet. I ask the manager how much longer. He says at least 2 1/2 hours! WTF?? So I call my wife to come pick me up. I ask a mechanic as I'm leaving what time they close. He says "when we're done." What a $&$*head.

So I leave, call their corporate number to complain and get some useless a-hole named Dean on the phone. He is immediately defensive and says maybe they had to order parts that weren't there. What is he reading a script?? I laugh and tell him "no, they are not happy that I only want new pads, not the $623 dollar job they tried to sell me." He is a total *** so I call him an a-hole and hang up. I call at 4:30pm, 5 1/2 hours after my appt; still not done!! I leave my house at 5:20pm with no call still because they close at 6. I get there to find my car is the last one and they treat me like a piece of $&%&. NEVER GO THERE! EVER! I hope those *** F***s who work there read this.

Monetary Loss: $99.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1245075

Yes i have the same sort of problem at Casselberry.You do not realize how i feel about them!!!!

I have a cc with them i call to make appt.

Im told it will take 1 hour.

It's day b4 thanksgiving and its been 2 hours.WTf!!!!!!!!!@!

Orlando, Florida, United States #593038

Please do yourself a favor and go elsewhere.We went here with a coupon for new brake pads and a retooling of rotors for $179.

They said they would see if they could use the deal as specified and called us with a $1,700 estimate for all new pads, rotors, calipers, bearings, brake fluid and a fluid flush. I almost fell out of my chair. Immediately we said we'd pick it up for a second opinion elsewhere and they started dropping the price by hundreds - to $1,500. We went down the road to Irish Mike's and after a look, they said we needed new back pads, rotors, and calipers and some fluid but there wasn't a thing wrong with our front brakes and especially no reason to touch our bearings.

We paid $650 for the work but it was worth every penny for the unbelievable customer service we got at Irish Mike's.

I am disgusted at Just Brakes.DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOU MONEY THERE.


Went to the Casselberry, FL location on Oct 1, 2010 (have a 06 nissan altima) they changed brakes and rotors and upselled me the front calipers saying they were sticking.I didn't want it done but fiance said just do it cuz we waited so long and where ready to go.

Brakes started squeking again Dec 2010.

Today 6/24/11 had to take them to another place (because I knew they had ripped me off) sure enough front brake pads needed to be replaced AGAIN (the backs will eventually need to be replaced within the year) and my calipers were fine so they changed something that didn't need to be fixed to begin with.Don't EVER go here the mechanic today said they usually do that to get more money and the brake pads were very poor quality and usually dont' last a year.


Took my 99 firebird to just brakes before reading all the feedback.Its obvious that 4 brakeS for 99 is too good to be true.

If they can do all that for the price, why does it cost over 200 more to clean the dust?

They did a good job, but too costly.Stick with searss and have a place to shop while waiting

Metamora, Michigan, United States #117495

I went to JB in Kennesaw GA, to change the front pads, and they ended up telling me that the caliper piston was slicking and charged 396 for labor and parts.Now 13 days later I have a rock back on my front brakes and I called for warranty and they said that they might not cover it.

What a F(*&&^ joke..

Better Business Bureau where you at!!!

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