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Warning!!!! Just brakes, Louetta.

Services as far as working experience goes, customers come first not money. Selling parts to customers that they do not need doesn't mean you put them first. Professionalism from a 1-10 rating scale was and is still not even a 1. The manager Jody for example very unprofessional most of the time, he's been lying to customers on what they do and don't need, he has anger issues as well as an alter ego when things do not go his way (yes towards customers) He has broken plenty of parts and treats his employees with the worst respect that also includes not letting employees take care of their health.

What he does behind closed doors on the clock is never professional or comfortable towards any subject matter. Being the first woman to work at this location and also my first experience with automotive was the worst and I definitely don't want this to happen to anyone else so yes they are always hiring but I don't recommend this as a job I recognize it as a joke. It's not worth it!

And also towards any fantastic customer this location and facility will take your money and make you feel uncomfortable. Also you won't come first here your money will.

Product or Service Mentioned: Just Brakes Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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Be aware.. just brakes off of Louetta.

Overcharges on packages would not refer you to just brakes off of Louetta. Also overheard a boss comment something very discomforting to one of his employees, looked like the only female that worked there as well. Not really sure what the guy's name was but it was very discouraging.

Extremely unprofessional. Will never go back.