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Update by user Jun 28, 2013

A full refund was issued for the difference from the Quoted Price and the actual price paid by my wife.She received the $70 refund.

Also, recieved an apologize for the behavior of the manager's actions in question. The Just Brakes Regional Management team was prompt and fair, adequately addressed the inappropriate behavior of one of their managers.

I felt the Regional Management team's response was sincere, fair and appropriate.Thank you for clearing this issue up promptly.

Original review posted by user Jun 26, 2013

Just Brakes Rips Off Women!!!My wife received a quote for service which equaled $170.

She ended up paying $240, with a 10% discount and did not receive any more service (except for a $15 upgrade for Synthetic Oil). I was charge $49 and $57 for labor, during a visit 3 weeks prior. But My Wife was charged $95 when she went today. She was quoted over the phone a charge of $30 ($29.88) for the oil change, $92 for the main belt and labor, and in person by Earl, $40 for the AC Belt and labor.

That adds up to $162, plus tax takes us to approx. $170. When she received the bill today, she was charge $243, which included an additional 10% discount. She did upgrade to a synthetic oil change but that still is only $70 more.

So the total fees by correct math would be $162 + $30 for the Synthetic Upgrade -10% discount + 8% tax, puts the bill at approximately $186. I call Clint and he completely denied the double standard and that he quoted one price and charged another. He denied that he charged a different labor rate. When caught in his lie he attempted to turn the discussion into I was insulting his character.

He insulted his own character by attempting to take advantage of women. I have both receipts, I have proof that Clint charge d my wife a different rate than I was charge when I went 3 weeks ago. I was charged on $49 and $57 per hour. I can provide the proof.

I will provide to everyone can. What you did was wrong, its unconscious able. You have lost my business. So you take advantage of a female one time to get an extra $70.

if you would have treated her right, I would have brought my car in tomorrow and you would have made another $170.

What happen today is disgusting!!!!

Monetary Loss: $70.

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