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My young sister got her car broke down last night right by the shop on 8700 Richmond ave, Houston Texas. The manager Eric figure it since she doesn't know anything about cars, He could charge her whatever He wants.

An oil change based around at $40 dollars and a replacement of a starter for a 2006 Pontiac at $325 plus $ 105 dollars for labor and $33 dollars for shop supplies. That all adds at $ 505 dollars,However some how the manager Eric gave my sister a $ 100 dollars discount so the end of the invoice was $400 dollars. Now how come for a oil change and a change of a starter cost that much???the vehicle is not a brand new car or a luxury car and it is not Pontiac itself dealer service neither. I asked the manager to show me the invoice of the brand new starter and he refused it.

I called auto zone to ask how much the starter cost for the Pontiac 2006 and they told me cost around $170. so I also call other neighbors shops to ask how much is the same job that Just Brakes was doing and they told me $250 one of then and$ 280 another one shop. My questions still not answer by the manager, how come Stop Brakes is charging that much?? Thing is I work for a dealership few blocks down, shops cannot over charge you for unreasonable things, Everything has to have a receipt even the starter that Stop Brakes bought has to has a receipt so I asked too see the receipt.

In a very aggressive act the manager Eric slam the receipt in top of the counter and says "here is the receipt". Customers are right behind me waiting sitting at the lobby and hearing all this. Like I said before the manager wanted to charge whatever he wanted. After so much argument about this unfairness situation, the receipt shows $170 cost that he purchased on Napa parts for the starter, so how come the $320 showing on the invoice??

why the overcharge on the starter?. he is already charging his labor and the rest, in top of everything he told me he could put the old part back and leave my little sister car outside his shop!! what kind of business and management is this? Very unprofessional!!.

He said that is what Stop Brakes charges that is a corporate rule. I did not know that small repair shops have that kind of rule, overcharging people for a part that I could bought myself at auto zone and bring it to them, and yes I asked for that option as well and Nelson a worker of that shop told me that he can get fire if he does that. I really do not understand how this can possible work, but I ignored because I couldn't hold more of the situation. It is very sad that they also copy paste my sister signature for the authorization of this work.

She only sign for the oil change charge but not for the entire work or removal of her broken starter.

I will for sure not recommend this shop to anybody. I ended paying $325 for a starter and a oil change and that is only because I went over there and ask for a fear reason of charge;I told the manager to break down each single charge on a invoice so I could see how much each single thing cost; otherwise my young sister could of ended up paying $ 505 dollars for a oil change and a new starter with not a proper authorization.

Product or Service Mentioned: Just Brakes Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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So, she was charged $400 total? How the *** is that possible for a $325 starter and an oil change plus labor?

You said the oil change was priced at $40, so if you add that to the starter price it comes to $365. They only charged $35 labor to replace the starter? You said the price originally was $505.

If you took a $170 starter plus $40, it comes out to $210. I have a feeling that normal shop labor charges wouldn’t really have ended up being a much less than $400.


You coulda had your vehicle towed to your dealership?? If you work at one ?? And we're that close ??Why didn't you ??

And what the dealership pays for a starter or any parts is usually their cost, they then mark it up 60%

To sell at LIST, profit stream on parts, and then on labor.

Did they use synthetic oil??

Plus NAPA parts carry a warranty.


Perhaps you would like them to work for free? I fail to see why the oil was changed, but they can certainly charge whatever they want for that and/or the starter replacement.

It's none of your business what they paid for the starter. If you don't like what a business charges, then don't have them do the work. This is simple common sense.

No one forced your sister to have the work done. All you succeeded in doing was make a fool of yourself.


cant buy and sell things for the same price that is how companies go under. Maybe you should take a business class


do you take your own eggs to a restaurant ?


Take business class wow that's awesome how far are u taking your business by taking advantage of other people being fair with ur customers go a long way that's how u recieve more business the more volume of customers you have the better your business becomes ..The more u take advantage of people the less business u have and then end up going bankrupt becuz you as a owner or corporate goes under and doesn't understand why ??


Hey if you're *** about the starter you should've bought it at Auto Zone, oh wait do you think mechanics are gonna charge the same price? How much do you think Auto Zone paid for that starter.Dah ***...