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So my breaks were grinding. Took it to jb and they wanted to charge me almost 1000 dollars for rotors and break pads!!!!!!

Anyone needing break work better not go to jb. If u do you WILL get ripped off. I am so pissed they tried to charge me that much. From reading other reviews I see I'm not the first they try to rip off.

I wish the bbb would launch an investigation against them- and fine them for their cheating ripp off ways!!.

Well nothing I can do except warn you to not do business with them . Save your money.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I can't believe this place is till in business either. My car had a piston sticking in one of the calipers and this was the closest brake repair shop to go to.

The caliper was a non issue since it worked free once it was torn down. But they assured me the would use OEM pads (they were ordering them from the dealer) and would machine all the rotors as needed. I couldn't understand the $600 price tag if the charge $99 bucks to replace pads and turn rotors. I know the OEM pads were a couple hundred bucks but even if they charged me full pop for the service it shouldn't have been more than $300, right?

Anyway, I paid for the repair, glad that my car was fixed. A few days later I noticed alot more brake dust than there should be. I went back and turns out they used "OEM quality" pads. What a ripoff!

The manager agreed to get the OEM pads and install them himself, as a courtesy.

A courtesy I had already paid for. What a ripoff this place is.


I went there today and was totally shocked at the $1200 price tag that they tried to get me to pay to replace break pads, rotors, calipers, seals, break fluid, and a myriad of other BS services. I have a 2004 Ford F150, I change my own pads and rotors and I know what is involved. I am taking my car to a 5 star reputable repair shop tomorrow and I know the bill will be less than $300.


fcraig clearly works for Just Brakes. Anyone who has entered Just Brakes into a search engine should have seen on the same page MULTIPLE LISTINGS for complaints just like the one posted.

Moreover, he rebuttals are the same ones used at Just Brakes.

Also, the FULL WEIGHT (his words not mine) of your car rests on the wheel not the brake. Come on guys if you are gonna do damage control you got to work a little harder than this.


not to defend the company, but when was the last time you had brakes checked? any maint.

done on brakes? always do bare minimum work on your car?

now that grinding noise means metal is grinding against metal with the full weight of your car imagine the damage that can cause. but i'm sure you take no responsibility for any of that right, gotta be someone elses fault.

Metamora, Michigan, United States #144743

Happened to me a few years ago..surprised they're still in business anywhere..don't ever do business with them.

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