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I started just brakes in 1978 sold out to a law firm clouds never started anything except stealing I rented them a building fully equiped and when i did not renew my lease with them and they moved out they stole all of my equipment and destroyed the lifts to make my property poluted so if you are a coustomer did they fix your car with stolen equipment Lester Neely

the company now is being run by perry's sun bennet which is a real looser i belive will he destroy the company yes he will i belive he is such a dishonest person they even took the a/c compressor when they moved out

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You are right Bennett Reid Cloud is destroying this company and making it impossible for the employee's to make a living in the process. It was a good company when Perry wass in charge. Wish all the employee's the best and hope Bennett Cloud rots and gets what he deserves

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