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I took in my car a couple years ago for brake service not expecting to pay too much money. I went for the advertised $99.95 sale but I knew that it may go a few more dollars over because you can never expect a good deal like that.

Anyways...they looked at the brakes, took off all the tires and said there was more work to be done like replacing the callipers, brakes, shoes, drums, pads, etc. I said that I didn't want to replace all the parts but just the brake pads. Two of the technicians decided amongst themselves that I needed to do this work and they wouldn't let me take the car unless I did because it was a danger to all the other motorists on the road. This was a brand new car with less than 35,000 miles on it.

They ended up charging me over $700 for all this work when I originally came in for a little over a $100 of work. This was a time in my life when I was struggling for money and I didn't appreciate them taking advantage of me. I went and talked to my personal mechanic about what had happened and he told me that all the work they did wasn't necessary. He told me unless you have brake fluid leaking then it's not a major threat.

I was furious and promised myself that I would never go there or recommend anyone else to go there. I just recently got an email from Just Brakes telling me to come in and replace my brakes and it just pissed me off big time. A lot of companies in the auto care industry take advantage of people, especially women.

I am not a woman and I definetly got hustled by these people. This is a company that does not have loyal employees and it's very hard to watch them taking hard earned money from the citizens of this country.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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this is very true, i never liked this place

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