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My husband has worked for justbrakes for at least 9 years .And whatever happened with him on his job has nothing to do with me.Ms. Ward went to two other stores in the metro ,Atlanta area.Not knowing that since my husband has been working for justbrakes a while that we do have family and friends .So we get this phone called that i was a *** ,and i should lose my leg.Yes I was in the hospital for surgery for my leg i am a diabetic .I dont think this was professional coming from a district manager.I will be contacting a lawyer about this .and on top of that she fired my husband because he was provoked by this statement and he cursed her out,but once again he was provoked. this matter should be handled imm.ediately

Reason of review: district manager/Ms.Rochella Ward.

Preferred solution: she should be dealt with on your terms,and since my husband was privoked to anger his job back.

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This complaint is not even coherent.. I don't understand what they are trying to explain...

A personal issue with someone who works with the company or an issue with their service.

Also a period belongs at the end of sentence. Just trying to help.


While the manager shouldn't have said what she said (if she said it), your husband should have had the wherewithal and maturity to brush off her comments like an adult. If he cursed her out, he was doing the exact same thing you are complaining she was doing- being petty and unprofessional- and he deserved to get fired.

You have to grow up and get past the high school phase of he-said, she-said.

If you cuss out everyone that ever says anything out of the way towards you, you're always going to be in the same boat you're in. Now, he's lost his job AND the professional credibility he would have needed to do anything about her behavior, so you lose all the way around.


Ms Ward is as unprofessional as they come she is unfriendly and a *** poor example of management. This company will never be profitable or successful with a pit bull running the market.

She creates such a hostile working environment. She is a gossip and a crook she regularly allows certain employees to charge items to the store which is theft.

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